The young minds that surround you are impressionable is true. The average child or adolescent around you is continuously observing you, picking his cues from the actions you demonstrate, the behaviors you display. But usually we forget about this rather crucial aspect and end up doing those very things which we don’t want our children to imbibe. Smoking falls within the rubric of this same phenomenon.

Could You be Playing a Role?

If someone came up to you and said “You know I saw your child smoking in the park the other day”, your response would be an incredulous and vehement “No. That is impossible.” A significantly large proportion of parents would find the idea of their child or adolescent smoking as completely incomprehensible and impossible. Just because it is your child and yes you did mention to him that smoking is not good for him and that he must absolutely not think of engaging in such an act, does not mean that he actually won’t. And there is a reason for that.

That reason is in a large number of cases YOU.

Because you forgot that your child looks at you and will follow through with whatever you demonstrate as your behaviour. You are his ideal and your idolizing child will find it very difficult to simply discard that which he sees you doing because “How can my parent who I look up to and adore so much ever be wrong in what he is doing

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