The word ‘support’ often appears as an inevitably important factor across almost all spheres of functioning, be it children wanting the support of their family, adolescents craving the support of their peers and friends, employees seeking supportive colleagues and superiors, or newlyweds wishing for supporting in-laws! However, it is important for us to ponder on the exact role of such a support system, and the significance of such a support system within our lives.

Defining a Support System

Human beings are known as being social by nature, and therefore it is very difficult for us to imagine living our lifetime in isolation, and in the absence of any other human being. Therefore, any entity which provides assistance for an individual, and whom the individual perceives as being caring can be defined as a source of support. Such entities are typically a component of one’s social network, and could include one’s family, friends, peers, neighbours, or even pets.

Furthermore, the kind of support need not be restricted to being social companionship in nature, and could range from being tangible support in the form of materialistic, monetary or financial assistance, to an intangible support in the form of emotional or nurturing support, advice or guidance, or even a sense of togetherness or belongingness.

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