After dealing with the apprehensions and anticipations associated with the exam results, students typically indulge themselves in the revelry and relaxation of the vacations. But as the next academic session approaches, be it for school or for college, often parents and teachers complain, and at times students realize retrospectively, that their slack at the beginning of the year has greater costs and repercussions in the long run. However, such a slack is not restricted to academic preparations, but also includes initiatives towards extra-curricular activities, socialisation and peer interactions, and an overall personality development for the student. Competency is a combination of qualification and soft skills. Gone are the days when a candidate’s competency is judged solely based on his or her qualification and performance on paper. With the ever-increasing choices of vocations and professional opportunities available today, the competition is at an all-time high, and hence the focus is more on the individual’s overall personality, including leadership, communication, negotiation, and other personality traits that can help the individual to interact effectively and work harmoniously.

The following are some of the points that could be kept in mind to ensure that they are geared up not only to succeed in their academics but also to help them strike a balance and make the most of their coming year

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