Importance of Raising Confident Children in the Contemporary World

With the rapid rate of globalization today, the world has definitely become much smaller and more accessible. In such times, it is common for parents to aspire to raise their child to be able to fit in this fast-moving globalized world. Being global does not necessarily mean ensuring that your child is made to travel around the globe, but it is the mindset and confidence level of the child which determines how ready the child is to face the world at large.

Especially in today’s competitive world, almost all of us as parents would aspire to raise our children to have high levels of confidence and a sense of self-adequacy. Be it when the child is seeking admission for school, to be able to mingle with peers, to be able to perform in academics or extra-curricular activities, or simply to be able to initiate or sustain conversations confidently. Given the demands and expectations from our children, the parents’ endeavours often become directed towards optimizing their performance. However, such a confidence needs to be instilled in children not just in the context of such performances but instead within the inherent parenting style adopted, as it needs to be imbibed within the activities of daily living.

Tips to Help Build Confidence in Children

1. Boost a striving for confidence: For a child to be confident to fit in a global world, it is necessary for him or her to be nurtured to become self-reliant. Such independence, which needs to be age appropriate, should be strived for in all spheres of life, including physical, social, emotional, and (in later years) financial independence.

2. Flexibility and adaptability: In order to raise your children to be confident, it is necessary to instill in them the need and importance to learn to be flexible. Unless a child learns to let go of his or her rigidities, he or she will not be able to adapt to changes in the environment.

3. Encourage curiosity: As a parent, we should make an effort to encourage the ability to question things in our child. We should not hesitate to answer their questions, and on the contrary, should also have open discussions, thereby encouraging them to explore and be inquisitive towards what is happening in the world around them.

4. Provide opportunities: We as parents need to create an environment in which the child gets ample opportunities to explore and learn. It is often helpful to have the child to be a participant in activities with you, so the child can gain an exposure, and is more equipped to deal with the world independently. In fact, encouraging the child to engage in social activities and group play can also be beneficial to learn skills of teamwork as well as leadership.

5. Positive and supportive environment: In order for a child to have a stable sense of self, it is necessary for him or her to be self-confident. Parents can play a major role in ensuring they provide a positive and supportive environment for the child, so he or she can be secure and confident to step out into the world.

6. Build resilience. It is not realistically possible for anyone to succeed at all times, and therefore, it is necessary to help the child be prepared to face failures, as well as teach them to be resilient to recover from them as well.

7. Set an example. As a parent, it is important to serve as a role model and exhibit the desired behavior in front of the children, to help them internalize the same. In fact, opportunities can be sought within activities of daily living to show examples of desired behavior, for instance through the use of stories, and real life examples around us.

8. Provide a strong foundation: Last, but not the least, it is the parents who build the main foundation stone in a person’s life. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that the child develops the necessary value and belief systems, which he or she can rely upon. The children learn from their surroundings and their experiences, and apply these learnings in their future encounters. You as parents needs to serve as their role models, and exhibit desirable behavior. Therefore, unless the child feels a secure base, only then can they become confident to take on the world in their stride.

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