With the approach of exam seasons, it is almost a given to see harried parents worrying about their child’s studies. It is almost a testing time for the parents as well. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that it is a worse nightmare for the parents, who end up worrying a lot more but being unable to do much about it, as eventually the onus falls back on the child. However, it could be helpful to have a guide for parents to be able to identify the signs which indicate that your child is having difficulties in coping with his or her studies. Some of these signs could commonly include the following:

1. Sudden change in approach towards studies. This could include a sudden dislike or aversion to the idea of studying, or a contrary over-involvement and excessive interest in studying 24×7. Any such sudden change could be indicative of difficulties in the child’s coping with his or her studies.

2. Gap between efforts and performance. Each child would truly have a more or less accurate insight about his or her performance. However, in case of a huge gap or discrepancy between the student’s own expectations and actual performance, be it an over-achievement or an under-achievement, this could be a sign of the student’s inability to evaluate one’s efforts accurately.

3. Excessive comparisons with peers. While some amount of comparison and competition is healthy and even helpful at times, an excessive comparison could be indicative of a lack of confidence in one’s own abilities and performance. On the contrary, it is important for students to be encouraged to focus on their individual capabilities as unique, and to work towards their own goals and targets individually.

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