The winters make us all want to slip into hibernation mode. Most of us want to wish away the cold and have thermostatic control over the temperature, alternating between spring and autumn all year long. The cold, bleary, bleak weather consistently makes one want to stay in bed, trying to avoid getting out of the cozy comforts of home.

What Happens When One Experiences ‘The Blues’?

However, it is when avoidance of day-to-day activities happens that “the blues” start setting in, hindering one’s productivity. Whether it is a school going child or adolescent, or a working professional or the ladies of the house; winter blues can frequently become quite challenging, almost bringing to a standstill most of what one is supposed to achieve. One may eventually engage in the basic essentials of day-to-day living, but the extra activities we typically enjoy, begin to be avoided. It’s almost as though one has lost interest in and has stopped deriving pleasure from the activities which were usually pleasurable and fun, and there is a consistent feeling of wanting to avoid, or escape, any situation which may appear too demanding. Coping in the midst of such a situation can be a challenge; particularly, when others around us may be concerned and would enquire about what is going wrong. Honestly speaking, there may not be an easily identifiable or concrete reason which could potentially justify the state that one is experiencing.

How to Take Care of the Blues The imperative concern is of determining ways to ensure that excessive avoidance of normal activities does not occur, or is controlled. The ability to strike the right balance between activities and their avoidance is the key to being able to beat these blues. What is of utmost importance is being able to convince and push oneself for the need for maintaining a basic routine, and integrating otherwise significantly enjoyable activities to ensure that one feels motivated to carry on with the entire day’s plan.

An integral factor, also, is making sure one has significant exposure to sun light and light in general. Keeping the rooms bright and going out frequently in the sunlight is important to minimize the effect of the cold weather and keep the blues from setting in.

At the same time it is essential to ensure that one is getting sufficient exercise and consuming a balanced diet. Set yourself up with daily goals so that there is a sense of direction. Make sure you don’t avoid other activities and get some time outside the house. All in all, start embracing the season and enjoy the things that are associated with the winters! Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year 2014! Stay happy and healthy. Image Courtesy: