What is a hernia?

It is an opening or a gap through which internal contents come out.

What are the types of hernia?

There are different types of hernias. They may be abdominal wall hernias and internal hernias.

What are abdominal wall hernias?

These are hernias which come out through openings or gaps in the anterior abdominal wall.

What are the types of abdominal wall hernias?

There are different types depending on their location. Common types are:

1. Inguinal hernias.

2. Umbilical hernias.

3. Paraumblical

4. Epigastric

5 Incisional


Who are the people who may suffer from a hernia?

It can affect men and women, children and adults.

How will a person know that he or she is suffering from a hernia?

There will be a swelling which will become more prominent on straining such as coughing and will disappear on lying down.

Is it necessary to treat a hernia?


Why is it necessary to treat a hernia?

It is necessary to treat a hernia because it may undergo strangulation.

What is strangulation?

The hernia gets stuck and does not reduce. The blood supply is cut off and the contents become gangrenous and a risk to life.

Can a person prevent the formation of a hernia?

Usually no

Can it be cured by medicines?

No .There is no medical treatment and neither can it be treated by homeopathy, ayurveda or any other method of alternative medicine. The treatment is essentially surgical.

What is the surgical treatment?

This can be treated by open or laparoscopic surgery.

Which is a better form of treatment open or laparoscopy?

Both forms of treatment have the same principles essentially covering the gap with a mesh but laparoscopic surgery is more comfortable for the patient.

Why is laparoscopic surgery more comfortable?

In laparoscopic surgery there are no big cuts and only three small holes. The patient’s recovery is faster, there is less pain and earlier return to daily life and work.

Is laparoscopic surgery more expensive?

It is more expensive marginally.

What are the chances of having a hernia again?


What happens if a person has a hernia again?

It can be repaired again.


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