As we enter into a new year, it is time to reflect on the time that has passed by, and make plans for the coming year ahead. New Year’s is not simply a time to make New Year resolutions, which we may or may not be able to keep. Instead, it is an opportunity to be able to step back and review your life and your experiences, while also focusing on making the year to come a positive and fulfilling time for us. There would have been some valuable moments in the past year, which we would want to hold onto and cherish those memories, to reminisce over in the years to come. While reflecting on the previous year, we take a look not only at our achievements and successes, but also making a note of the setbacks of the year that has gone by. This can help us put things in perspective, as we view the larger picture of the entire year, with all its moments of highs and lows that we may have experienced. As we look at both sides, we need to also learn to let go of things. Rather than holding onto our losses, we need to let them go, while instead looking forward to the future and what lies in store for us. The New Year is not just an end but also a beginning, and we should try and utilise this opportunity to plan not only towards achieving our yearly targets, but also set larger goals of making our life meaningful. We need to remember to strike a balance between work and fun, taking out time for ourselves, and looking forward to the new year with positivity and hope.

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