Today’s youth is almost notorious for having adopted their own lifestyle. In the midst of their hectic schedules and priorities, following a regular routine is usually neglected. And this ends up having adverse impacts on both their physical as well as mental health in the long-term, influencing their personal, social, academic as well as occupational functioning. A disciplined and healthy lifestyle is very beneficial in maintaining mental health. An adequate sleep, a proper diet, staying away from substances, and regular physical exercise would help us stay physically as well as mentally fit.

Regular sleep: While it might be stating the obvious, but all of us need atleast 8 hours of sleep daily. Moreover, it is important to remember that it is not just the number of hours of sleep that should be adequate, but also the ‘time’ at which we sleep makes a difference to the amount of adequate sleep we get. Following a regular routine helps maintain our physical as well as psychological well-being, thereby improving our quality of life.

Stay away from substances: Avoid caffeine, nicotine, alcohol or other drugs. Besides the adverse impact they have on our physical health, none of these substances benefits us psychologically as well. Contrary to popular belief, instead of relaxing us they actually increase our anxiety levels, and therefore hamper our overall functioning as well.

Healthy appetite: A good lifestyle includes not only eating the healthy food, but also eating at the right times and in appropriate quantities. This is especially important for the youngsters, who are greatly influenced by the glamorized world of the media, and hence are preoccupied with their body image.

Physical exercise : Regular physical activity is a must not just for your physical but for your psychological well-being as well. Exercise helps by stimulating your mind as well as maintaining your physical fitness.

Socialize. Building an effective support system is very important not just for leisure, but also for your social as well as psychological well-being. Despite our hectic schedules, we must make an effort to take out time for social activities.

Maintain a balance: Effective time management is the key to staying mentally healthy. Our life should not be governed exclusively by any one aspect, and we must look at both sides, in order to strike a balance between our work, family as well as personal needs.

Be stress-free: Despite the multiple stressors that may exist in our lives, it is important for us to take out time for ourselves. We should try and enjoy each moment in itself, to make our lives more positive and fulfilling. Laughing it out is the easiest and best stress buster, and we should be on the look-out for opportunities to find humour in the most trivial situations.

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