We all strive towards achieving success, and change is the cornerstone of working towards any such achievement. On the occasion of the National Youth Day, let us give some thought to the change we want in our future. The future lies in the hands of the youth, whose strength lies in their innovative thoughts and ideas, their enthusiasm and their power to bring about a change.

The young children and adolescents are the ones who can assume the responsibility of bringing about a societal change, and this change need not necessarily be at a large scale or something insurmountably enormous. On the contrary, each and every individual needs to realize the importance of taking the ownership of the societal responsibility. Youth building in itself is the most significant catalyst for change in any society, and therefore it is these young minds that need to be equipped with the skills, which can help form the foundation to bring about a surge of change in the global environment.

Laying the foundation for such youth empowerment relies on the value systems and beliefs that underlies their growth and development. The values are inculcated and imbibed not just from the individual’s family, school, and peers, but also from the community, and social environment. Furthermore, the role of the media, government policies, economic issues and cultural values also cannot be undermined.

Therefore, the youngsters today are blessed with the spirit to bring about a change in the future of our country. To ensure this, it is necessary to highlight the importance of identifying the life skills like problem solving, innovative thinking, relationship management, and societal sensitivity, amongst others, as the key forces to bring about a lasting change in the future of our society at large. The future of the country lies not just in the political systems or governance, but is also rooted in the individuals serving as units of change at each of their own levels.

Let us all capitalize on this day to reiterate the value, strength and power that the youth of the country are empowered with, and strive towards its optimum utilization and application across all grass roots of the society.

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