With each passing day of our ever-increasing hectic schedules, most of us might end up feeling like a robot, living life within the mundane structures which have been established by ourselves. But, how often do we take a pause this fast-paced life, to take a breath and let the moment of life sink in? More often than not, we tend to be searching for the key to happiness, forgetting the power of something we all possess. This universal tool is none other than our laughter, as no one can stop us from having a good laugh, and by now most of us are well aware that a laugh can actually do wonders, not just for ourselves but for others around us as well. On the occasion of World Laughter Day, let us take a moment to re-look at our own lives, and think of ways of adding a spark of happiness to each day, instead of losing ourselves.

Benefits of Laughter

Laughter is not just ‘the best medicine’, but is also the cheapest, simplest and at times even the most effective solution, which is completely within our own control. It is a priceless medicine, which is enjoyable, and so easy to administer, and yet the importance of such a tool is often neglected. We would have often witnessed the infectious nature of laughter, as people are often forced to smile and laugh even when unwilling in the presence of others who are laughing their hearts out, often even if they turn out to be complete strangers! The sound of roaring laughter is far more contagious then many of us can imagine, and when such laughter is shared, it adds towards helping the people bind together, increasing the levels of happiness and intimacy amongst them.

Biologically speaking, laughter has been known to offer a multitude of positive effects on our human body, including a strengthening of our immune system, boosting the blood circulation, increasing muscle flexibility and dexterity, and serving as s stress buster! In terms of the effects on our mental set, laughter has been found to help the person feel relaxed, thereby improving the person’s resilience and strength to cope with stressors. At an interpersonal platform, spreading laughter can go a long way in building strong bonds and relationships, especially as laughter is known to be contagious, and therefore would be beneficial not just for us but also for those around us. As a consequence, bringing in humour within our lives could help improve our own moods, and thereby create better conditions across all spheres of our functioning, including personal, social, as well as occupational functioning. Therefore, laughter has undeniable benefits for both our physical as well as psychological well-being.

Incorporating Laughter within our Daily Life

Bring in the humour

While our lives can be very serious as we focus on achieving our goals, it is important to include an element of humour in each aspect of our life. Be it at work, at home, or at any other place, it is necessary to be able to spare a moment to look at the humorous aspect of each situation, and share a laugh. If you actually begin looking for it, you will discover that it isn’t that hard to find an opportunity to laugh even in the direst circumstances! It is not a bad idea to actually work on developing and honing your humorous side. Not only will they be helpful in making you feel better during the worse moments of life, but will also help you trigger other people’s laughter, and thereby help you spread happiness around you!

Live in the ‘here and now’

It is very important to learn to be able to live in the moment. While planning for the future or learning from one’s past experiences is inevitably useful, we often tend to get so caught up in the past and the future that we neglect what we have with us, and to focus on the present moment. Despite our daily schedules, there are actually a lot of moments which can bring a smile to our faces, provided we spare them a glance. This could be spending time with a child, playing with a pet, or even admiring the natural beauty around you. So, we need to proactively look out for enjoyable moments. We all have the right to seek enjoyment in our lives. Instead of sitting and waiting for such an opportunity to drop into our laps, we need to be proactive in looking for them. Remember, your life is not just about major milestones or challenges which need to be achieved or overcome. There are so many minutes and seconds in our lifetime that we can actually enjoy. We need to pay attention to these smaller moments, as they could be cherished. Celebrate life, and enjoy each moment to the fullest. The well-known adages about laughter can indeed be proven true if we ensure we bring in laughter as an inherent part of our day, as it is truly the cheapest and yet most effective way of coping with life’s inevitable problems.


In the hectic lifestyle of today, we often find ourselves consumed in the daily hassles and challenges, neglecting the luxury of giving ourselves some time off. “Me time” is essential to give an individual the necessary time and space to rejuvenate the self, and take care of his or her own self adequately Anything and everything that makes you feel relaxed, is advisable as a form of recreation (with the exception of causing harm to self or others). Therefore, it is encouraged to indulge in creative activities like dance, music, writing, or any other activity like gardening, pottery, yoga, and the list could be endless! . Taking regular breaks is a must to take adequate care of our own self. Go for a spa, take a trek into the mountains, mediate, or simply spend time with yourself or with your near and dear ones. But remember, the time to relax needs to be exclusively relaxing, which means that you need to be able to maintain strict boundaries. Ensure your phones are switched off, and do not let your worries spill into the hours of relaxation!

Laughter – A Preventive Approach

Last of all, including such elements of pure happiness and joy within our lives can actually have a significantly positive effect not just on our present but also on the future. It would contribute towards greater resilience building, making us stronger individuals, with a higher immunity to be able to confront the various obstacles in life. As we equip ourselves with the tool of laughter, we would be able to live life and its experiences with a greater sense of control, and therefore contribute not just to a happier and healthier lifestyle for ourselves but also for the society at large.