Custom Knee Replacement is a procedure that is personalized to each patient and is actually designed to help them to get back to their lives faster, along with personalization of their knee. Fortis brings a new level of personalization to the Total Knee Replacement surgery (TKR), with cutting guides individually prepared to match the alignment criteria and the actual bone surface of each patient. It provides unmatched accuracy, which means that your knee implants will fit perfectly and there will be no room for the correction and errors. Hence, will result in faster recovery, the longevity of your Knee implant and will help you return back to your normal life.

CKR & Traditional TKR- The Major Differences In CKR, the instrumentation and the cuts are made specifically for each patient. At Fortis, we customize your replacement knee according to you and your lifestyle needs. We replace your knee literally by personalizing the frame and the anatomy of your knee. A TKR (total knee replacement) is simple replacement of your old worn out knee with a new knee, there is no cutting guides provided in a TKR which at times might lead to discomfort.

How Is Custom Knee Fit Better for Patients

  • The incision is just 4 inches long in a CKR surgery
  • There is less damage and helps you recover faster with a lesser chance of infection than traditional knee replacement procedures
  • Patients get their implants fixed accurately since the instrumentation is customized to the patient’s bone anatomy

The Top Eight Advantages Of Custom Fit Knee Replacement

  • Four inches of incision
  • Less tissue damage
  • 40% lesser surgical time
  • Faster Recovery
  • Patient specific instrumentation
  • Error proof procedures
  • Perfect patient alignment
  • Longevity of the Implants

Kind Of Anaesthesia For Custom Fit Knee Replacement

Total Knee Replacement surgeries are performed under “local anesthesia”. It is called an epidural block, the same kind of anaesthesia which is regularly used for women in labour. The epidural anesthesia provides numbness and pain relief from the waist down, so that there is no pain during the procedure. In addition patients are given a light sedative to help them sleep during the procedure,  if they choose to.

Back To Normal Schedule The return to normal activity will be guided by your surgeon and your therapist. Generally, patients can walk as much as they want by 6 weeks, post operatively. They can resume driving in six weeks, and in eight to ten weeks patients can resume playing golf and swimming.

How Long Will The Replacement Last Current studies indicate that about 85% of the prosthesis will function well for 20 years, however; it largely depends on individual lifestyles. If your prosthesis wears out, you can go in for a second knee replacement.

The Prosthesis Is Made Of  The implant for a Custom Knee Replacement is made of a combination of metal and plastic. The metal parts are generally composed of cobalt chrome, and the plastic is made up of ultra-high molecular polyethylene.

Cost A custom fit knee replacement involves the use of specialized instruments; it’s marginally more expensive than the traditional knee replacement surgery. However this marginal cost is more or less offset by the benefits that  patients stand to gain by going in  for the ”Custom Fit Knee Replacement”.