The world today has often been described as the ‘jet-set age’, but are we truly utilising the opportunities provided in this contemporary world? Without a doubt the unforeseen technological advancements have led to remarkable progress across various spheres of life, and many of us have welcomingly embraced them as an integral part and parcel of our lives. However, can we spare a moment to ponder on the true optimization of the vast opportunities available to us, and it would be surprising to note that the actual potential is still not being recognized. On the occasion of International Student Day, let us explore the true meaning of the horizons in today’s times.

Focus on Self-Development

With the fast changing world around us, while many of us do try to adapt ourselves to fit in and keep up with the recent changes and developments, what most often tends to get neglected is our focus on our own self. Developing our individual personalities is one of the most crucial aspects of any form of growth, and the true capitalization of the contemporary world needs to incorporate such a perspective. And no, this does not necessarily mean ensuring that you travel around the globe. Instead, this is the mind-set and your know-how which could boost your confidence levels. Especially when it comes to the prospects for the future of the youth of the country, the increased exposure and ample opportunities truly provide maximal avenues for capitalizing on their potential. It implies shifting back the focus to our core belief systems and values, to change with the times, and ensure that our individual growth serves as a catalyst for the overall advancement of the nation.

Transcending beyond Education

In fact, never before has the emphasis shifted from not just qualifications but more so on actual skills and competencies. The value of inculcating life skills is essential at this point of time. Therefore, do not allow education to serve as a limitation for your career choice. In fact, your life dream doesn’t have to be necessarily based on the career opportunities made available to you, but extending beyond to how you may choose to lead your life.

Gone are the days when an individual’s identity is dependent upon his or her profession. It could be more to do with what the person ends up doing with his or her own life. Their practical experiences and learnings are what helps them to become prepared to face life head on, and such experiential learning cannot be restricted to textbook or rote education. Such evolving times are welcoming and need to be embraced.

Such prospects are not limited to the international opportunities to pursue education, but optimum capitalization of such developments implies applying the learnings from increased exposure to grow all aspects of an individual’s identity. In other words, this is the time to break free of conventions, think out of the box, and make the most of the changing times in order to capitalize on the expanding horizons for students.

Vision for the Future

It is essential for you as an individual to dream, and have a vision; unless you allow yourself the freedom and liberty to dream, there would be less chances of you being able to achieve and accomplish that into a reality. With such expanding horizons, it is vital for the students to aim at becoming more responsible, and open-minded citizens, with a passion towards their goals and ambitions. At the same time, they need to be trained to be flexible and adaptive in their approach, while striving for independence, and developing an empathetic understanding. On an ending note, it is necessary for us to encourage curiosity as a virtue towards the accomplishment of any vision for the future.