Like individuals change and grow, so do societies. They go through their own phases of growth and development, heralding forth changes, some palatable and others not so pleasant. All around us today we see the changing face of society. In varied aspects pertaining to the being and functioning of our society in India there is significant change which is visible.

Perhaps the one area which is seeing the most change is the role of women in Indian society – their presence, their value, their contributions, their thinking – all are finding a significant space in the discourse today.

Women in Society Today

The fact is that increasingly women are carving out a space for themselves in various fields and arenas and this change is observable not just in urban segments of the country but is also permeating into the more rural parts of our nation. Equality for women has been talked about since decades and more women are moving in the direction of finding their voices and asserting their thoughts, beliefs and values.

It is no longer sufficient for a woman to be typecast into the role of a home maker or of a passive, silent observer. She is partaking in more roles and absorbing more positions. She is undertaking more challenges and standing up for her own self and others as well. Her ever-expanding positioning within the society is also changing the face of her relationships and the expectations that are attached to her being a woman.

Balance within the Society

No change is good or bad in and of itself. The reality is that everything is contextual. And in the context of any society, a balanced environment is tantamount to its growth and success. This balance needs to be pervasive even at the level of the genders and perhaps the changes that are observable in women’s roles today are helping create that much needed balance within the society.

No society can function on a stilted ground, with things being skewed in one direction or the other. Balance is the key to life – not just for individuals but also for societies to grow.

Equality is not just about rights. It is also about balance. It is about creating the right cocktail of ingredients to ensure smooth functioning for all.