Women, regardless of what changes may happen around us, find a way of continuing to be in the same situation, where they put everyone and everything ahead of themselves and keep putting themselves on the back burner. I think once you become a mother this aspect gains greater prominence. There is no denying that as a woman there are a hundred things you may have to do and roles that you need to fulfil. But once you get into the role of motherhood a huge shift happens and the small child who has entered your life takes supreme importance and prominence.

Is this right I ask myself?

And somewhere feebly the answer comes as “No. Not really.”

I have a rationale for this response. My belief is that for any individual to keep being and doing the things that they need to it is equally important to take care of the self as it is to be involved in the roles that are primary. What this means is that one cannot take away from the sheer importance and inability to let go of the things that one needs to do. However, it is also essential that one determine ways to unwind and relax so that you are recharged for the multiple things you need to do.

How can Balancing your Roles Help you?

Balancing your roles and finding the right way of taking care of yourself are crucial. The importance of this lies in enabling you to do the following:

  • Having a good mix of activities which involve both responsibilities and fun elements allow you to relax and unwind and stay rejuvenated to continuously engage with your numerous roles.
  • It enables you to stay in control of your thoughts and emotions, making you feel in greater control of your own life.
  • It helps you deal with stressors effectively and efficiently without feeling too overwhelmed by the situations you face.
  • It allows you to take decisions more effectively and decide on the choices you need to make without feeling overly stressed about it.
  • Most importantly it allows you to feel good about both yourself and the situations you are engaged in which is critical to having a positive sense of self.

What can you do?

To maintain your sense of positivity and goodness about your own self and to keep your stressors at bay, there are some things you can do for yourself.

  • Try and get in your down time on a regular basis. Even if something is not possible on a daily basis we should look at it as often as possible.
  • Decide on the things you would want to do in the free time that you do have.
  • Engage in things which you have found pleasurable in the past. Yu can always find a little time during the day or week for some of these things if you try.
  • Take the help your family and friends to ensure that you are able to do these things for yourself. Focus on your health and exercise as well so that you feel good about yourself.

It is important to take care of yourself and this cannot be stressed enough. As a mother this becomes even more important as the things that you need to do and the roles you need to fulfil increase exponentially once you have children.

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